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November 2nd
Saint Paul Mayor

Dora Jones-Robinson,  Born in  St. Louis MO.  Moved to St. Paul, MN at the age of 3. A native of the Saint Paul Rondo area.  Central Senior High School is her Alma mater.  Dora has worked for the State of Minnesota for over 15 years. She has background experience working with the Departments of Education, Human Services,  and  the Department of Labor and Industry.

Wife, of Malcolm Robinson.

Dora continues to worked with various Minnesota organizations, individuals and corporations to  build critical alliances to keep  Saint Paul the neighborhood we all know and love. As founder of  Guns Down Saint Paul  and Mentoring Young Adults, established in 2006,  mentored Saint Paul's at-Risk-Youth for over 16 years.  

Dora has fought against the uprising of Gun Violence.

MYA is primarily a youth-based organization that is striving to assist and promote positive

in several positions with the State of Minnesota. Advanced her skills in Phoenix, Arizona while working for the Mayor’s office as Executive Assistant for Economic Development. Returning to Saint Paul, Dora founded and served as the CEO of Mentoring Young Adults for over 16 years. MYA is primarily a youth-based organization that is striving to assist and promote positive direction in the lives of our youth and adults. Mentoring Young Adults also helps youth find employment, housing and other resources. Dora is also the founder of Guns Down St. Paul. Experienced in gun violence prevention, Dora Jones is the right woman we need as Mayor to stop gun violence in Saint Paul.


 Founder  and Executive Director for Mentoring Young Adults (MYA)

Over  15+ Years of service to the Saint Paul Community

Founder of Guns Down Saint Paul, Gun Violence Prevention

Former Administrative Assistant for the City of Saint Paul

Guns Down Saint Paul

Mentoring Young Adults


Active In The Community

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