Vote Dora Jones Robinson to be your Saint Paul Mayor.

Dora Jones-Robinson moved to St. Paul from St. Louis, MO at the ripe age of 3 years old, graduated from Central High School, worked in several positions with the State of Minnesota. Advanced her skills in Phoenix, Arizona while working for the Mayor’s office as Executive Assistant for Economic Development. Returning to Saint Paul, Dora founded and served as the CEO of Mentoring Young Adults for over 16 years. MYA is primarily a youth-based organization that is striving to assist and promote positive direction in the lives of our youth and adults. Mentoring Young Adults also helps youth find employment, housing and other resources. Dora is also the founder of Guns Down St. Paul. Experienced in gun violence prevention, Dora Jones is the right woman we need as Mayor to stop gun violence in Saint Paul.


 Founder  and Executive Director for Mentoring Young Adults (MYA)

Over  15+ Years of service to the Saint Paul Community

Founder of Guns Down Saint Paul, Gun Violence Prevention

Former Administrative Assistant for the city of Saint Paul

Guns Down Saint Paul

Mentoring Young Adults


Active In The Community

Twin Cities Reports

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  Rehabilitate and break the cycle of aggressive juvenile behavior. Additional help to the homeless and the helpless beyond just winter shelter including one on one placemen programs, reinvest in woman and minority-owned businesses to help thrive not just survive. Invest in downtown to give businesses an incentive to return. Convene a community-wide conversation on the future of the Greenline to make it a reliable comfortable system that the community in Saint Paul feels safe using at any time. minority-owned Together we can make Saint Paul the most livable city for all of its residents. Help Dora win this political campaign, for the people and for change!

Win Saint Paul. One Vote at a time!

Vote Dora Jones November 2nd