Public Safety will be Dora A. Jones-Robinson's first and most important mission to secure the safety of every individual who lives in the City of St. Paul,  to secure our City with the newest technology, and secure Shot Spotter. Youth Gun Violence initiative. Reinvest in our police department, not defund them, further training tools are needed, personal assessments and a new police academy. Youth intervention and prevention programs to ensure our youth can be the best citizens in a society that they can be. More help to the homeless and hopeless to encourage them to go on in life in spite of the situation they find themselves in, through one on one placement programs, individually tailored to them. Reinvest in the small businessman/woman help them to thrive not just survive. Reinvest in downtown St. Paul give businesses an incentive to move back to downtown St. Paul, which will help to generate revenue back into our city.

Working for the people on behalf of the people responding to the people. A face you know and can TRUST.

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